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CITD’s Departments

Software Development Department


The Software Development Department aims high quality services to our customers. We offer services for all Information Technology range, such as market research, software development and consultancy services relating to all new technologies. The Software Development has 5 skilled and experienced advisors and engineers from all specialties that is necessary to offer high quality services. Also, the daily support to our users’ needs is one of our critical points as much as each big project.
Software development is one of our business areas, covering full range of services, analysis, design, development, performing the tests and maintenance. The department has implemented many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in companies operating in different market sectors (shipping, retail, services), while providing daily support to users.
In the rapidly growing world of Business Intelligence (BI), many companies are interested to include the technologies of Data Stage and IBM Cognos in their daily business. The Business Intelligence tools provide to the companies reporting and analysis, immediate decisions based on fact, process improvement, cost reduction and revenue growth. The business intelligence tool is very powerful tool in reporting, very useful at all management levels. Our department has many years experience in developing reports.
At the same time provides consulting services that concerns software products offering to its customers the better possible solution through an approach which focuses always in the benefit of advisors directed in the satisfaction of needs from a realistic approach.
Moreover, the people of the development department have expertise and experience in design and developing web site and can cover all your needs in design, web development and web marketing.


Network & Telecomms Department


Networks & Telecommunications Department specializes in designing and implementing the interaction between the computer systems. We also provide technical support for all operating systems, we are responsible for hardware’s maintenance and for the proper operation of all relevant services.

Provided solutions vary from wired connections to wireless and satellite operations. Company’s interface is achieved via private and public networks, through VPN. The Department is also responsible of the internet connection systems’ management and it enforces all relevant policies.


IT Security Department

IT Security Department, closely cooperating with the other departments in the IT Division, is directly responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise strategy and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. The department staff works towards identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining processes across the enterprise to reduce information and information technology (IT) risks. They respond to incidents, establish appropriate standards and controls, manage security technologies, and direct the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures. Moreover, another major area of engagement are governance, risk-management & compliance (GRC) projects and for that reason it is usually responsible or directly involved in information-related compliance projects such as those related to ISO/IEC 27001, EU GDPR, PCI-DSS as well as maritime related specific ones like TMSA (ch.13). Cyber-security initiatives are another major area of competence for the department, especially in the highly sensitive maritime industry where management of IT as well as OT equipment is of the highest concern – with combined initiatives with other departments, like maritime cyber-security program (CSP) initiation & monitoring as well as independent ones like scheduled penetration testings, vessel security audits, cyber-security insurance security evaluations, etc. always according to international standards & controls (e.g. IMO, NIST, USCG, ABS, BIMCO). Last but not least, security related education and user-awareness initiatives are also responsibility of the specific department, performed through various activities throughout the companies supported (phishing, cubersecurity, GDPR, etc.).